Wine Rooms

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Custom wine rooms can be built to fit any space. We build our racks using Heart Redwood, Cedar, or Mahogany, or just about any material that is desired; steel, brass, glass, and concrete are all possibilities.

We design and build our racking in collaboration with the client, looking to fit the intersection between aesthetics, budget, and space.

If your space requires a refrigeration system Molior will partner with an HVAC contractor to ensure the right sized refrigeration unit appropriate for wine storage. These refrigeration units need to be able to keep the room at a constant temperature and humidity; most air conditioners act as dehumidifiers, which can cause dry out corks and cause problems with wine.

Molior specializes in custom wine racking made using joinery, such as French Dovetailed racks, and we can integrate stone, steel, glass, or other media. We will also design around production wine racks, using pre-made racking in modular sizes to meet budget considerations.


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