Molior LLC specializes in bespoke woodworking and construction projects. Molior was created to give me an outlet to use the skills that I have gained through my years working in construction, as well as other areas.


I have been working continuously in the construction industry since 1996, although I dabbled in construction from the age of 5.


I owned Lavrans Mathiesen Woodworking, a remodeling and custom woodworking company, in Portland, Oregon from 2001-2010 when I moved to Seattle. Taking a break from ownership, I worked as a carpenter at Delta Marine, then as a lead carpenter and project manager at Method Construction out of Seattle, and then as a Superintendent for LZL Construction, a construction services company in Bothell, Washington.


I have been published in Professional Deck Builder magazine and been an active member of several construction forums over the years. This has put me in contact with many professionals and experts in the field throughout the country.


I also worked as a field representative for an architect in Oregon who specialized in exterior envelope design and construction defect.


A Latin word, Molior has 3 primary meanings: 1. Strive, Endeavor 2. Rouse, Bestir 3. Erect, Construct, and does a nice job of encapsulating my philosophy.


Strive, Endeavor. To strive or endeavor is to exert oneself in pursuit of a goal.SONY DSC

Rouse, Bestir. To rouse or bestir is to awaken, often in response to some stimulus or to stimulate another.

Erect, Construct. To erect is to raise and to construct is to build or make.

This is what we do- turn ideas into objects, awaken your imagination to the possibilities of what can be done with your space or to create for your space.