Window repairs

This project is a window repair on a clerestory. These windows were installed in the 1980’s, and show some of the classic mistakes of the era. I don’t see any bad intention in the install; really what was done shows that the person who did the work thought they were going the extra mile. And […]

What is the building envelope?

All houses are an interface between us and the climate we live in. For most of human existence shelter has been evolving, From caves and lean-to shelters, we moved to built structures. The first concern was relief from water, cold, and heat. Later, as buildings became more sophisticated and the building became tighter, stopping drafts […]

Wine Rooms

Custom wine rooms can be built to fit any space. We build our racks using Heart Redwood, Cedar, or Mahogany, or just about any material that is desired; steel, brass, glass, and concrete are all possibilities. We design and build our racking in collaboration with the client, looking to fit the intersection between aesthetics, budget, […]

Time, Cost, Quality

In a recent discussion the old saw “Time, Cost, Quality- pick any two” came up. This is a common triangle of choices that describes the main points in any sale of services and is based on the tension between the three elements; you can only emphasize two of these at any given time. In other […]