Zarling Deck


The Zarling deck started as a simple job replacing existing decking. Upon starting work, we realized that many of the joists that seemed in good condition were rotting. Continuing to dig more carefully and talking with the client, we found out that the house had been built with a failed siding product that had been replaced. The replacement contractor had not flashed the deck anywhere, and this led to extensive structural problems.

The glue-lam beams supporting the decks were rotted and had to be replaced. Removing framing from the upper deck we found that water damage extended into the sheathing and the framing in the wall, including a support post and a large 5-⅛” x 24” glue-lam beam that supported ⅓ of the house. We replaced all the rotted wood, rebuilding an outside corner of the house entirely from the outside, without damaging the interior finishes. We re-built the entire upper deck as well as the interesting framed structure that holds the beams that support the upper deck, installed DryDek waterproofing system under the upper deck to protect the lower deck where the hot tub is, and built all new planters. The planters are lined with copper which was coated with a liquid applied polyurethane roofing liquid, all have internal drains and drip irrigation.