Smith Frobes Landscape


This project was on of a series of projects for these clients. The back/side yard did not drain and was wet and soggy most of the year. We removed 8” of soil, created a dry-well and a web of French drains that led to it. A new irrigation system was installed, as well as electrical conduit for lighting and to power the greenhouse. We poured a foundation for the prefab greenhouse, and then graded the site. Curbs were poured for the eventual pathways and to outline the raised garden beds.

Raised garden beds were built to fit to the path design, with curved sides facing the central circle. The garden beds were lined with a plastic drainage matt and landscape fabric, drip irrigation was brought up into the beds between the drainage matt and the wood of the bed, and then they were filled with a 3-way planting soil.

After the raised beds were completed, we lined the path curbs with brick, and then brought the yard up and created the berms. The yard was brought up to level with 4” of soil, and then 5” of a 3 way mix that is designed for planting. Berms were built up following a similar pattern.

The last things we did were to install the greenhouse, trellis, and place gravel in the paths. The paths were lined with landscape fabric to keep the gravel clean, and then a ⅝- gravel made for walking paths was installed. Drip irrigation and landscape lighting was completed after planting and the little bit of remaining flat yard was seeded with grass.